Hot Actress #484 – Tisha Rivera: Sexy Siren

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When someone as sumptuously sexy as TISHA RIVERA comes into one’s life, it’s undeniably a blessing. Genial by nature, TISHA’s appealing disposition shows that’s she’s part of a wave of talents who make the entertainment world a fantastic place to work and interact. As she has been overwhelmingly nice to me even though we haven’t personally, I’ll return the favor by showcasing her today. I can see why close to 1,600 people have liked her Facebook Fan Page with Indy Film Wisconsin anointing her The new Salma Hayek of our time! An exemplary mix of beauty and brains, TISHA became a college professor at 22 and now thankfully she’s gone full time as an indie and television actress. Enticing to the maximum thanks to her distinctive exotic features and voluptuous figure, she’s also recognized for her professional work ethic as a performer. She’s so right when she affirms that in LA, it’s really about who you know and how you treat people in the industry that opens up opportunities and she’s been true to that mantra up till today; Even from afar, I myself have been touched by her affection and passion. Together with our mutual friend, the dazzling Ellen Dubin, these are two ladies I would dream of meeting..:)

Meanwhile I’m following the web series that’s quickly gathering lots of buzz called “The Resolve” which has TISHA on board as a producer….I would be elated to see her grace the show at some point; there have been murmurs she’s appearing as a policewoman….:) Keep up to date with all the juicy info on this starlet at the TISHA RIVERA OFFICIAL SITE. Her upcoming project “Resurrection of Serious Rogers” is a compelling noir thriller headed by a potently foxy female cast and filled with stylized grittiness. Check out the awesome trailer (above) and after this actioner is released, she’ll most likely be one of the coolest darlings of the independent scene. Astutely gifted and smokin’ sexy, TISHA already has my vote and she’ll continue to mesmerize us all.

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