Hot Actress #489 – Dawn Olivieri: Sexy Siren

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Since I’m so impressed by how widespread the rage for all things “The Vampire Dairies” has become, I decide today to highlight DAWN OLIVIERI, one of the newest and sexiest stars on the show. Any woman would love to be in her shoes as she gets to spend an obscene amount of time kissing and caressing (in the bathtub no less) as Andie Star, the paramour of Damon played with devilish aplomb by heartthrob Ian Somerhalder. Yes i know, we can’t stop talking about the cooler,darker half of the vampire brothers, just as much as we wonder why he doesn’t just snatch his obsession Elena away! With the addition of DAWN OLIVIERI to the cast as the reporter Andie, at least he’ll be able to channel his lust towards another beguiling cutie who doesn’t need to be hypnotized to drop her clothes….;) This stunning beauty is set to become one of the most recognizable television sirens especially since she’s been tapped by Don Cheadle to star in the high stakes corporate comedy “House Of Lies”. Just the thought of watching her and Kristen Bell is mouthwatering! Apparently Skeet Ulrich of “Law and Order:LA” fame, boyfriend of my actress friend Amelia Jackson Gray (the naughty nurse from Outsourced) indicated that when describing hotties, I should treat them as a person not a piece of food (in his words). That won’t stop me from appreciating the deliciousness of DAWN, especially when she’s in a bikini; Watch her BetUS Beach Photoshoot (above)…Summer can’t come soon enough!

Whether it’s baring those tasty shots of her body in Maxim or making an enticing impact on shows such as Heroes and Californication, DAWN turns heads! The plaudits continue to mound for her, in particular her immaculate long hair that has attained celebrity status just on its own! Could she be the new Jennifer Aniston?? With this foxy babe becoming a fixture on magazines everywhere, there’s no better time than now to visit the DAWN OLIVIERI OFFICIAL SITE. She once divulged an interesting fact when I pointed out she was a Fresh Face on IMDB: “What does having a “fresh face” really mean? I DO actually use the line of Fresh Soy facewash that smells like cucumber so maybe that could be it“. Her spontaneity is so refreshing and It’s a guarantee that many would love to have some bubbly bath time with DAWN OLIVIERI even if it was for a minute..:)

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