Hot Actress #490 – Nina Bergman: Blonde Bombshell

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It’s been a long time coming for a tough as nails blonde with a devious edge to blow our minds onscreen. In 2009, we had the gratification of watching brunettes America Olivo, Julia Voth and redhead Erin Cummings Bitch Slap each other endlessly. The advent of NINA BERGMAN as the spicy villainess of upcoming indie “The Wayshower” represents the return to form of Femme Fatales who deliver smackdowns courtesy of their fists. With a surreal Donnie Darko-like vibe, a much coveted ancient book of power and the hero of the hour by the name of JESUS, it’s the age-old theme of Good Vs Evil we always get a kick out of. Sensually feral, NINA is delightfully wicked as the Violent Vixen alongside perennial creepy dude Peter Stormare and the duo make for an insidious pair indeed. Aside from acting, this Danish looker’s accomplishments extends to the modeling and singing planes too. She’s rivetingly loud to the senses as lead singer of alternative rock band Dead Rose Beauty and I was amazed to find out that her manager is the legendary Paul Anka! I have a feeling by virtue of those lingerie shots (above), it’s highly likely she’s a Sex Symbol in her native Denmark as well as in the minds of her hardcore fans. Can’t stop staring, there’s tons more at the NINA BERGMAN OFFICIAL SITE.

Her exhaustive collection of videos and reels accentuate the caliber of work she’s putting out for our enjoyment. Endowed with an abundance of sauciness and a sultry voice that can’t be manufactured even by those pesky auto tuners, NINA is a must listen, much watch entertainer. With the sheer volume of “friends” in the thousands (I reckon they’re more like devotees) on her Facebook Page, she’s becoming quite the obsession…:)

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