Hot Actress #491 – Leslie Murphy: Indie Princess

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“White Irish Drinkers” may be the first feature film for rising starlet LESLIE MURPHY yet her moving portrayal of Shauna Friel, the Brooklyn girl aiming for the high life has gotten rave reviews. The compelling drama set in 1975 has its Irish-Americans with signature sideburns resorting to crime, a general bleakness of the human condition and the ugliness of domestic violence. The solid cast including veterans Peter Lang and Karen Allen as well as fresh faces Nick Thurston and of course LESLIE keeping us engrossed every step of the way. The romantic subplot seems headed for calamity despite the obvious sexual chemistry between lovebirds LESLIE’s Shauna and Nick Thurston’s Brian Leary. By the way, there’s a sizzling sex scene in a cemetery that’s gonna be the talk of town! I was astounded to read that Director John Gray had to move the cemetery shoot as caretakers at the previous location frown upon nudity…LOL! Leslie has so kindly drawn attention to the movie’s run at Laemmle Sunset 5 West Hollywood…can’t wait for its premiere in ASIA! This fair-skinned beauty has an interesting loveliness; Leslie kind of reminds me of a cross between the soulful verve of Anna Torv (Fringe) and the enigmatic desirability of Maggie Gyllenhall. LESLIE herself is a stage actress (just like Maggie) who once played the title role in Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice for New York Stage and Film.

It’s all about connecting with audiences and I realized that indie actresses bring out the fears, hopes and needs of everyday people so well, leaving a poignant reminder that life can be a complicated mess. My passion for them is overflowing as the characters they portray are steeped in reality, almost mirror images of ourselves no matter the cultural context. Even though I’ve only seen LESLIE in the trailer of “White Irish Drinkers”, she’s so charismatic and I’m positive that she’ll remain an enthralling factor for years to come…:)

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress #491 – Leslie Murphy: Indie Princess

  1. Leslie Murphy’s performance in White Irish Drinker was skillful, refreshing and sexy. The playwright develops this character fully yet Murphy finds her niche’ making the role own. She reveals a special quality that time and experience will deepen to unimagined depths. She has a bright future.

    1. Thanks for the juicy info. I do hope i get to see Leslie when White Irish Drinkers hit cinemas in Asia. We need to cultivate an indie scene here! She’s certainly becoming a shining light and i love supporting newcomers who bring their own special something to a movie. Oh by the way are you related by any chance to actor Simon Rex???

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