Hot Actress #492 – Samantha Ivers: Sizzling Cutie

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Nobody does a gangster movie better than the respected US Film Community and the star-studded “GOAT” continues that unadulterated hard-hitting edginess. I too have a thing for the ladies of gangster films ever since Faye Dunaway brandished a gun as the notorious femme fatale in “Bonnie And Clyde” in ’67…ok I’m not that old but it’s a classic that can be had on the TCM channel! Whilst there have been plenty of gold-digger girlfriends depicted over the years, it’s nice to see the very sensual SAMANTHA IVERS infuse audacious brashness into her gangster moll role….she’s not just someone’s accessory! Make sure you check out the extended trailer (above) at the 3:02 mark. There’s shades of Lauren Bacall from “To Have And Have Not”, especially when SAMANTHA (as Gina) utters in the similarly seductive tone “What’s The Matter! Haven’t You Hit A Girl Before”. She’s a real naughty gal as it leads to her being ravished from behind by aspiring criminal mastermind Bobby Baldano played by William DeMeo…what a Priceless Scene! They are joined by luminaries Cathy Moriarty, Armand Assante, Ice T, Ja-Rule and Vincent Pastore who himself vicariously lived the organized crime lifestyle via “The Sopranos”…this is one Gangster’s Paradise that seemingly harks back to the glory days of “The Godfather”.

This isn’t the first time SAMANTHA has piqued our undivided interest. In her very first feature, the Spike Lee thriller “Inside Man”, she was the hostage with the bountiful boobs being interrogated by the Denzel Washington’s detective looking for clues to solve a bank robbery. Besides the cracking way she captured the impeccable Brooklyn accent, the other memorable part was when Denzel’s partner couldn’t stop perving at her huge cleavage as she rattle on…that was hilarious! By virtue of her photogenic beauty, she’s immediately appealing and it’s also her scene-stealing ways in the majority of her roles that would no doubt push SAMANTHA IVERS into the limelight.

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