Hot Actress #493 – Christie Burson: Rising Starlet

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Those mesmerizing features of CHRISTIE BURSON ensures her standing as one of the most memorable faces to grace our screens. Already the trailer for the noirish “Dirty Little Trick” sees CHRISTIE at her suggestively sexy best, temptingly slinky as the hitchhiker who complicates the life of do-gooder Michael (Dean Cain back to great form). An exceedingly beautiful woman can be quite a handful and CHRISTIE’s sociopath is a taker, relieving men of their money without any remorse! CHRISTIE portrays dual roles, representations of the narcissistic side of her character and without a hint of greyness…she’s all about evil manipulation! It didn’t take long for Dean’s character to be swept off his feet just as fast as viewers will be turned on by her persuasive seductiveness. I saw her in the tightest of HOT PANTS in a photo from an interview and she’s absolutely tasty in more words can describe! Ably supported by genre favs Michael Madsen, Tiffany Shepis and of course the saucy Laurie Love, “Dirty Little Trick” delivers all the right punches in its understated black & white interspersed with splashes of color montages. Internet buzz is also directed at CHRISTIE as she’s starring in the upcoming mystery “iCrime” where privacy is no longer sacred and a nefarious tool for exploitation.

Just like Vixenish Emmanuelle Chriqui, she fluently conveys her exotic sweetness on film that it’s easy to fall head over heels for her. The more we gazed longingly at her, the more we get hooked…if this is a form of entrapment, I’m loving every minute of it! Did anyone notice yet that from certain angles, CHRISTIE could actually be Rachel Bilson’s younger sister…:) If Cute is the new SEXY and that notion is channeled by way of CHRISTIE BURSON then it’s obligatory we follow the work of this attractive young lady.

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