Hot Actress #496 – Amber Bollinger: Rising Starlet

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AMBER BOLLINGER is certainly a leading lady we’ll be hearing a lot more of especially when she’s part of some very entertaining features. No matter how many zombie movies are made, remade or re-imagined, there’s will always be one that dares to be different. With “Zombies and Assholes”, poking fun at the Living Dead has never looked so hysterically funny and of course AMBER’s comeliness is to die for…..:) What the movie is trying to put across is could it be that we humans are as irritating as those waves of reanimated corpses…..Mocking our more dishonorable traits perhaps! Back to sweet Amber, one can pick up that she has a easy on the eye coolness that’s undeniable. Iconic Nu metal band KORN seems to second that motion and roped her in their riotous music video ‘Let The Guilt Go’. Check out her transformation from mousy geek to seductress all the boys can’t stop ogling. AMBER underscores yet again why she should be regarded as a Video Vixen throughout the music vid “No Such Thing As Love” by Bleu (above). I’m in a daze admiring how naturally attractive she is and she’s someone who can easily whip up avid interest by just her presence. The release of the slasher “Pelt” on DVD will have this hottie firmly entrenched in our minds….oh it should be mentioned on top of the vigorous physicality of her role she has an ultra-long lusty kiss with another girl in the first act!

The AMBER BOLLINGER OFFICIAL BLOG offers a pleasing deluge of clips detailing the work she’s done. Don’t get me started on the number of immaculate photos of AMBER as a model that’s floating around out there….this girl is heavenly! Distinctively absorbing to watch, Miss AMBER also happens to possess loads of striking appeal that delight at every turn.

3 thoughts on “Hot Actress #496 – Amber Bollinger: Rising Starlet

    1. Great stuff iZombie! Hope someday i can interview her too…wow i didn’t know she was into Korean Horror….Thanks for posting this. Oh and she’s also one of the most pleasant ladies in the biz….how can we not fall in love with Miss Amber Bollinger..:)

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