Exclusive Interview With Sexy Siren Jasi Cotton Lanier


Her movie star looks complete with luscious blue eyes and a drop-dead gorgeous figure clearly affirms actress/stuntwoman JASI COTTON LANIER as one of the sexiest ladies on this planet! She’s also a highly sought after pin-up model ever since her bikini days having captivated in a variety of mediums. JASI has doubled for Jennette McCurdy on “iCarly” as well as “SAW” alum Shawnee Smith in some gnarly fight scenes and is currently doing stunt work on television in popular shows “The Mentalist” and “Castle”. Unfazed by the dangers she faces on a daily basis, the commitment she shows to her craft is thrillingly stellar.

Besides her obvious sex appeal and physical allure, JASI has accumulated many a fan thanks to her gregarious nature. After I approached her for this interview, she kindly reciprocated by answering them in full even with her busy filming schedule. Here JASI gives us a taste of her exciting endeavors by telling us why she’s a whiz at fire eating and how she once “Punked” an actor by making him think she was injured for real!

Find out more about this accomplished performer at the JASI LANIER OFFICIAL WEBSITE.



1. How tough is it to be a stunt performer and has there been due recognition for the work that you do?

A: It is a very tough but rewarding job. I really love what I do.

2. What are your daily rituals to keep in shape and is there any special diet involved?

A: Well I train in kung fu, kickboxing, tai chi and gymnastics. I do lots of abs/ core, kicks, and squats. I use hand weights. I also incorporate some plyometrics to my workout.
I keep an active lifestyle, which is easy to do here in Los Angeles. I love to roller skate, hike, rock climb, hula-hoop, do yoga and always down to try a new fitness class.

I in general eat clean. My general diet in high protein, low carb/sugar but I allow for a few cheat meals unless I am dieting down for a shoot. I drink lots of water and have good supplements (Superfoods, amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids etc.) I don’t eat processed foods, smoke, or do drugs.

3. Which actresses have you doubled for and can you tell us one memorable experience?

A: I have doubled for Jennette McCurdy on iCarly, Rachel Harris, Shannon Woodward on Raising Hope, Shawnee Smith to name a few. In the movie Insanitarium, I was one of the zombies that were attacking some of the main actors; I had to jump on Jesse Metcalf’s back, get thrown around and such. At one point, one of the main actors had to slam me around in the cafeteria and push me to the ground. The actor (male) was nervous about really going for it. The director and stunt coordinator told him “ don’t hold back. She is a stuntgirl. Really throw her down.”

So we go to do a take and he really goes for it and I “sell out” (make myself look like I hit the ground very hard and am really hurt.) The director yells, “ Cut.” And whispers to me to stay down like I got hurt for real. So I lie on the ground, groaning like I am in pain. The actor started to look scared and freak out thinking he had hurt a girl. We had him going for a bit and then I popped up unharmed and the whole crew had a good laugh about it. Needless to say, the actor was relieved that he didn’t hurt me.

4. Stuntwork can be hazardous as a Taiwanese singer was badly burnt on set and Natalie Mendoza suffered a concussion during the Broadway production of Spiderman. Has there been any near misses for you?

A: I’ve been in some hairy situations but have been lucky to only have had some stitches, small burns, scraps and bruises thus far.

5. You were Scream Queen of the month in June 2002 which is amazing! What do you like best about being a horror actress?

A: I actually haven’t “ Acted “ in a horror film in years but have got to do stunts in many over the past 5 years. I love horror films. There are so many fun characters and creatures to play.

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6. Having been in a substantial number of films, how has the landscape change for female performers and are there better opportunities now?

A: I’m a SAG Stuntwoman/ actress.

As far as mainstream, it is getting better but we still have a long way to go. I’d love to see more character and action roles for women, not just a token one or two. Also we still only get about 5% of the stunt jobs, so I would love to see women progress in that realm as well.

Women need to continue to up their skills as stunt performers and get into more coordinating/ 2nd unit directing positions for that to change. For acting, women have to continue to write, produce and direct more. Take the initiative.

7. I read that you were a fire performer. Will you be able to divulge a little on the secrets of fire eating?

A: There are no secrets. It is based on science. Manipulating the fire by the shape of your mouth or cutting off the air to the torch. It is very dangerous but I have been eating fire for 15 years so it is like second nature to me.

8. Thanks to your Russian roots and the fact that you were in a bikini contest, you’re one of the most alluring women in the industry but in your opinion, what really defines sexiness?

A: Confidence, I believe is what makes someone sexy. Sexiness is something that exudes from the inside out. That and being comfortable in your skin, not only physically but the root of who you are as a person.

9. What would be your dream role and which actor would you want to star with?

A: My dream role would be getting to play a lead heroine or villain in a martial arts action film. I would love to star with Michelle Yeoh. It would be dreamy to do a fight scene with her.

As far as stunts, I have always wanted to flip a car. I definitely hope to progress into car stunts as I continue my career

10. Finally, how ferocious is Jasi Cotton Lanier and can she really give us a good belting on or off camera?

A: I am not really ferocious but on camera I can be very convincingly tough. Off camera, well, lets just say I can defend myself if needed. J

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