Hot Actress #498 – Anita Briem: Euro Vixen

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The divine Icelandic Princess Cometh! That’s how considerable of an impact ANITA BRIEM is making in 2011 and beyond. She’ll tug at your heartstrings in “You, Me & The Circus” where the trials of love play out in the midst of a musical. Also on her plate, she is one of the unfortunate occupants trapped in a lift and facing death in the claustrophobic thriller “Elevator” that reminds us of M. Night Shyamalan’s “Devil” but without the HORNY ONE creating mischief. By now, ANITA is recognizable as the tough heroine Elizabeth in the heavily criticized comic book adaptation “Dylan Dog”. The film was never replicating the surrealistic morbid tone of the comics so it’s going to be quite the gamble appeasing rabid fans. On the other hand, we are treated to the wonders of ANITA BRIEM who’s a dainty mix of hippie wild child and European chic. And where else can you get to see a reunion of ‘Superman’ (Mr Brandon Routh) and ‘Jimmy Olsen’ (the wacky Sam Huntington of Being Human fame) tag teaming their way past zombies, vampires and denizens of the night. Granted I can’t help noticing the cheesiness of the trailer with some labeling the movie a tad too harshly as a big budget “Sharktopus” (the infamous SyFy Creature Feature). That doesn’t mean “Dylan Dog” is devoid of amusing bits but time will tell if audiences lapped it up!

Meanwhile let us relish the petite firecracker that is ANITA BRIEM as she exhibits her worth as Iceland’s ‘IT’ Girl and most admired export. These are exciting times since we’ve seen the meteoric ascendancy of Swedish talents in Hollywood and now the dawn of Icelandic actresses is upon us. ANITA’s doggedness and determination is to be commended for she once had to go through a grueling 25 auditions before she finally landed a role! She most definitely has the staying power to become a cinematic mainstay for a great number of years.

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