Tribeca Hottie Special: British Sex Symbol Katrena Rochell


Why isn’t Sex Bomb KATRENA ROCHELL in the running as the newest Bond Girl in the upcoming instalment of the James Bond Franchise?? The way she caresses the hand gun in the photo (above) reinforces that she can be as intensely bewitching as Honor Blackman who famously played Pussy Galore. It’s been a while since we got to salivate over a British Vixen (the most recent being Rosumand Pike) opposite Super Spy lothario James and sassy KATRENA should be given the licence to thrill. She most definitely enthralled in “Kick Ass” as the voluptuous junkie packing those huge knockers! Don’t you wish that scene lingered on for a while longer…;) If you want someone Sin-sational to heat up the Tribeca Film Festival, KATRENA would definitely be your gal. She’s starring alongside fellow prodigious talent from the British Isles Antonia-Campbell Hughes in the lush black and white existential drama “Lotus Eaters” focusing on the wasteland of youth excesses. There’s no shying away from the fact that KATRENA has such a titillating body and one of the most flawless derrières in the biz. Read up on the screen siren at the KATRENA ROCHELL OFFICIAL SITE

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She was also par excellence in BBC drama “The Last Days of Lehman Brothers” (above). It’s a joy to network with actresses as it was KATRENA’s friend Michele Morrow who introduced me to her scorching seductiveness..:) KATRENA herself has been in several horror movies most notably in “Psychosis” where she was creatively involved as the producer. Somehow today her sensuality reminded me of Amanda Bearse from the classic “Fright Night”. While Brit cutie Imogen Poots (taking over as Amy Peterson) is looking to be a great prospect in the remake, KATRENA would have added a different dimension of sauciness….well she is a certified VAMP with a naughty twinkle in her eye and a propensity to play madcap characters. Tastily intoxicating, she’s as close to a real-life FEMME FATALE as you can get; Move over Britney! It’s KATRENA’s turn to shine! This is what the yummy brunette has to say in support of her fellow actresses: “I try to see the good in all.” Now that to me is Sexiness Personified.

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