United Film Fest Hottie Special: Sizzling Cutie Chloe Snyder

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The movie “Eagles In The Chicken Coop” may have an innocent enough title but this mockumentary doesn’t shy away from giving us an insight into the late night Flesh Fest made famous by Cinemax. The story has two filmmakers whose adult film project involves following the making of a skin-flick in what they hope will lead to a major break in Hollywood. Having won numerous awards, “Eagles In The Chicken Coop” is set to alight the 2011 Los Angeles United Film Festival. Settling on sweetheart and rising star Chloe Snyder as the softcore starlet Summer is a stroke of genius. Ever since Sue Lyon and Dominique Swain titillated in both controversial versions of “Lolita”, audiences are infatuated with cuties possessing an ambiguous morality. From what I’ve read, Chloe’s character Summer has no qualms in admitting her talents lie in the art of the sex act rather than memorizing scripts. Don’t miss the preview (above) as Chloe has this unforgettably cheeky line “I’m suggesting you take your cameras, you turn them around and you shoot a Sex Scene. You shoot something we can actually use!” That saucily unabashed performance racked up a Best Actress nomination for her at the Feel Good Festival in 2010.

You might have spotted Chloe in the raucous hit comedy “Hall Pass” as well as seen her work in several independent features include the upcoming “Claustrophobia” which has sinister creepiness written all over it. It doesn’t tread the formulaic route by introducing a deaf protagonist with Chloe as his love interest but what is clear is there’s plenty of tension looming. One has to say that Chloe’s luminous complexion makes her captivating to watch and that sultry voice of hers can give anyone a thrill. Her consistent appeal points to a bright future in the offing.

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