Texas Frightmare Hottie Special: Blonde Bombshell Allison Kyler

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Some of the Sexiest Women Alive are headlining “Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2” and you can count on Temptress Allison Kyler to produce a visual feast to remember! In fact I’m blown away by the attractive female presence. Think Blonde Goddesses in the luscious form of ALLISON KYLER, Gail O’ Grady, Brianne Davis, Mimi Michaels and even pornstar Angela Armani. Of course in the mix is eternal Scream Princess Danielle Harris who is a gorgeous brunette by the way ..:) Did it matter that she didn’t win the reality series Scream Queens 2…..not one bit as ALLISON displays ardent commitment no matter the endeavor leading to several meaty roles in 2011/2012 most notably “TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2”. “Toolbox Murders” by Tobe Hooper was an intense remake based on the 70s cult classic and “TBK 2” promises to make you shudder once more….will ALLISON survive till the very end??? In the Native American Creature Feature “Maneater”, she didn’t but showed plenty of her Sex Bomb credentials as a married woman riding her lover in a tent. I love how she’d played her character dirty; There’s no holding back on her part and after watching the raunchy sex scene (above), audiences will know she has one killer figure and some sexy body art. People often forget actresses work their asses off doing a scene like that and we should applaud a foxily polished performance from the eternally sensual ALLISON.

Don’t forget to check out her reel (above) at around the 3:28 mark where she showcases her rad Krumping moves as a stand-in for Alyson Hannigan. She also recently appeared as a dancer in “Burlesque” and if you wondered who the flawlessly toned bod in Britney Spear’s video “Hold It Against Me” belongs to, it’s none other than Miss ALLISON KYLER…believe what you will but I’m of the opinion it’s true cause if it were Britney, where’s the stretch marks??? ALLISON herself is an accomplished singer/dancer and to deny her recognition for shaking her moneymaker on “Hold It Against Me” is an absolute injustice….what’s the matter Britney…u scared of being upstaged?? Having entranced the world with her exceptional dancing ability, I’m certainly on the lookout for ALLISON to skyrocket as a Screen Siren..:)

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