NYLA Film Fest Hottie Special: Sizzling Cutie Jen Nikolaus


We are going to be treated to a double dose of beguiling JEN NIKOLAUS during the very first annual NYLA Film Fest so if you missed the first screening of her thrilling short film “Nowhere Road” in Los Angeles, never fear! On May 7th, this lovely indie princess will grace the big screens of New York. The running time of “Nowhere Road” which tips around the 14 minute mark may be a tad too brief but at least we get see JEN strut her stuff in a role fans will find startling. I’m guessing that her character Krin may not be as decent as she appears to be….the intriguing trailer ensures some rather surprising twists in store! Although I was preoccupied by the other Big Film Festivals going on simultaneously, I’m excited to feature her here. When it comes to horror flicks, JEN is right up there as one of the sweetest emerging starlets in the genre. With her modeling background, the sizzling photos of her at the JEN NIKOLAUS MODEL MAYHEM SITE will firmly substantiate that she’s also one of the sexiest Horror Sirens. Being in the yellow summer camp tee in “Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre” can’t disguise her sex appeal and you should check her out as the lollipop-licking Quantum Physics Girl in Zen Finger Painting’s music video (above) for more proof…:)

Slated to appear in the horror spoof sequel “Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Christmas” alongside Linnea Quigley, Debbie Rochon and Felissa Rose, you know you won’t miss that for the world! Reprising her role as aspiring actress Monique, she arouses interest on a physical level pretty strongly. You may also recognize her playing strip ping pong in the wild teen comedy “Frat Party” as well starring in the slasher Victorville Massacre alongside fellow actress Sonja O’ Hara who I adore greatly…;) Does JEN NIKOLAUS take your breath away…..from head to toe she clearly does!

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