Catch These Sexy Sirens During Texas Frightmare And Beyond

Kelly Burns Smith in “Code Of Evil”

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It’s a frenetic day with Texas Frightmare coming to a close and I’ve blessed to be able to connect with yet another sought after actress who is known for doing a little bit of everything and doing it all competently. I’m glad I managed to befriend Houston actress Kelly Burns Smith via Facebook on such short notice and I’m so honored. She is after all the Co-Founder/CEO of SplatterFest, another fantastic horror convention that’s coming your way come May. Even though upcoming sci-fi thriller Code Of Evil is still in the filming stages, the preview (above) teases some riveting snippets. Kelly is making waves on the Houston Film Scene and I’ve read that she is undeniably down-to-earth….what better than to show your support for this flourishing indie leading lady/producer.

Check her out at the KELLY BURNS SMITH OFFICIAL SITE and don’t miss out on her blog as she has some juicy modeling shots as well as photos of her life as a performer including pics from Texas Frightmare.


Spirit Camp Hotties Roxy Vandiver in “Jacob” and Denise Williamson/Julin in “Boggy Creek”


What more can I do but constantly lavish compliments upon these 3 stunning vixens who together form a memorably enticing threesome. The gorgeous hearts and foxy souls of the sensation that is “Spirit Camp” are none other than Roxy Vandiver, Julin and Denise Williamson. How i wish i was at the “Spirit Camp” booth to chat these Texan Bombshells up…hehe. They may be in separate films at Texas Frightmare yet the thing that resonates most for me is that they’re the luscious combination of sexiness and cordiality deserving of recognition and exaltation.


Pornstar Angelina Armani in “Chromeskull:Laid To Rest”

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We’ve already seen Adult Film Superstars Sasha Grey and Tori Black attempt to go mainstream with varying success. Now get ready for the emergence of XXX model and starlet Angelina Armani as a Scream Queen in “Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2”. For all you porn connoisseurs out there, she’s probably steamed up your computer screens, handphones and what not for days, months and maybe years. For those that are rather more innocent, you’ll probably want to know if her switch from porn darling to actress will be a permanent one!


Sara Malakul Lane in “Sharktopus”

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I really do think those SYFY features churned out with such regularity on TV are an excuse to ogle sexy women. Hey, I’ll be the first to admit I do enjoy the moments when the camera lingers on a Busty Beach Babe. Somehow it does make us forget the questionable effects and B-grade plots so SYFY is indeed sitting on a goldmine! Most importantly, we are treated to some of the most sensual ladies doing what they do best. Without having films like “Sharktopus” on tap, we wouldn’t have known talents such as Sara Malakul Lane, your very own dream girl from Thailand.

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