Exclusive Interview With Scream Queen Brenna Roth


Not too sure whether voluptuous BRENNA ROTH has scored a date to accompany her on the red carpet for Cannes (wish i was living close to her instead of a Pacific Ocean away) but I’m pretty stoked that she has so kindly acceded to my request for this interview. After all she’s going to be pretty busy with all the grandeur of promoting her drama “The Tree Of Life”, starring alongside Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain. I admire that she tries to answer every Facebook message she gets, a measure of her magnanimity as a person. She’s definitely a standout with her brazen body art as much as her audacious sauciness.

She’s shown that she going to be a woman in vogue as after “The Tree Of Life”, BRENNA appears in Katherine Heigl’s vehicle “One For The Money” that could see her popularity soar even more. Many will come to realize she’s equally at home in big budget fare as well as low-budget exploitation shock; Always fiercely talented with a primal sensuality. She is after all a Troma Girl and we know Tromettes have an unmistakable fun and crazy streak sending us high up into B-Movie Heaven..:) Get to know her more intimately as she reveals her wet lip action with girls on film most notably pornstar Gina Lynn, why back to basics horror rocks her boat and that sometimes things can really get way more dramatic on set than the actual film itself.



1. At the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, you appear in the much anticipated drama “The Tree Of Life”. Can you tell us a little about the role and how different is it from the previous characters you play?

A: For Tree of Life I was lucky enough to work with Terrence, he is an amazing director. I am one of the neighbors of Brad and Jessica set in a middle class suburb in the mid 1950’s.

2. “The Tree Of Life” is set in the 1950s so what was was the experience like reliving those days and did you get to work alongside Brad Pitt or Sean Penn?

A: I did get to work with Pitt, not Penn. It’s weird people are all asking me, How was it to work with Pitt and Penn, and I tell them I never met Penn. “Normal” people don’t understand how filming works. ;-);-)

3. In the indie film “Allure”, you had a kiss with pornstar Gina Lynn in a bathroom. I’ve noticed recently that girl-on-girl scenes garner plenty of hits on the web. Why do you think this is the case and how far would you go in a lesbian scene?­

A: Gina was different because her and I were friends before I did that movie. I think a lot of people would be surprised at how intelligent she is. Since I find intelligent people attractive, it wasn’t really that hard to make out with her. How far would I go? Well…there is another scene in that movie where I go much further. I NEVER get naked, I’m not that type of girl but I do go pretty far with Gina in Allure. Looking back on it now I’m wondering if my parents have seen that movie?! HAHA.

4. Brenna Roth as a performer loves to tackle strong roles that stand out so what has been your most stirring role to date?

A: Best role ever? Haven’t had it yet…I don’t really compare any role to anything else except for real life experiences. I draw from real emotion and I don’t “act”. I guess it’s hard to explain, I just do it.

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5. Being the Scream Queen of The Month in Jul 2008 and an established horror actress, have you encountered any experiences that have scared the holy hell out of you?

A: I am a great scream queen because I am always scared. I know this sounds so lame but if someone walked up next to me and said boo i would scream. I hate watching horror movies. Who would ever want to be scared?! I just don’t get it. Now Talladega Nights, now that right there is best movie ever made.

6. There’s been a rise of Impressive horror movies coming out from Asia (Korea/Japan), Europe (France/Spain)and the Nordic countries(Norway/Sweden). Do you have a favorite and if you were cast in one of these overseas movies, where would be your first choice?

A: Human Centipede, most bizarre movie ever made. As far as Asian horror goes, Audition, simply a girl who kills a guy, pretty amazing. :-):-)

7. You once said your choice of project is dependent on the substance of the character and if there were any hot girls in it..:):) I can see you adore your fellow actresses but tell us the truth, have there been any cat fights on or off set? Oh just because I read that there was a bitch on one of your movies!

A: Cat Fights, Uh… lets just say “Killer Biker Chicks” should have had more behind the scenes cameras on it. I’ve never seen that much drama ever and I’m an actress!

8. I’ve observed plenty of tattoos on your body, which one is your favorite and do you think your immaculate collection has superseded Angelina Jolie’s body art?

A: I have bamboo burn angle wings on my back, the same method that Angie used for her tiger on her back. By far thee most painful experience of my life. So happy I did it, to experience it.

9. What’s your opinion on horror remakes? If somehow,someway “The Lost Boys” were re-imagined, would you be the first to audition and in the future, what would be your dream role?

A: Movies shouldn’t be remade. You don’t go around redoing painting or sculptures do you? Then just leave the artwork alone. It’s extremely disrespectful to remakes someone else’s film. Remake your own to be better as you see fit is fine.

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