Sex Bomb: Stacey Dixon

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Many are calling STACEY DIXON a triple threat of seductive allure as an actress, model and make-up artist. She’s been living up to the tag by spicing up the horror genre as a Scream Queen in numerous movies. Three of them are screening at THE FIRST ANNUAL NASHVILLE INDEPENDENT HORROR FILM FESTIVAL from May 13th to 15th 2011 as part of The Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival now in its 10th Edition. Without a doubt fans will be thronging down to Nebraska to catch her in films ranging from the psychological thrills of “Old Habits Die Hard” to the campiness of “Thong Girl 4: The Body Electric” as well as the creepy supernaturalism of “Shudder”. She’s also set to electrify proceedings as the convention’s immensely foxy co-host and it was STACEY herself who suggested that a film festival be included to recognize the finest in independent horror. Her enthusiasm for her craft and the love she shows for her peers is endearing, that is if you’re not already drooling over her Busty Centerfold Sex Appeal. Just as active away from the lens, STACEY has been thriving as a producer and also recognized as a tattoo artist. Will there be a booth for STACEY to work her body art magic i wonder?? In the meantime, if you’re rapidly turning into a fan, it’s essential to pay a visit to the STACEY DIXON OFFICIAL SITE.

“Dead Girls Don’t Cry”, her upcoming feature has some demented subject matter dealing with sex slavery, incest, electric shock therapy and even midgets. Touted as a new wave in exploitation cinema, this could be STACEY’s most disturbing role to date! Webheads would have also seen bikini-clad Stacey in the trailer of slasher “The Lashman” together with the equally sexy Kaylee Williams. With each enthralling movie role, STACEY is showing everyone why she’s growing as a Sex Symbol and one of the hottest rising starlets of modern horror.

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