Blonde Bombshell: Krista Grotte

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Now here’s a lady who can quickly set alight the approaching Summer months in 2011 and keep the fires stoking for a long, long time. A Living Doll of saucy proportions, KRISTA GROTTE will have fans rushing to catch her film “Emerging Past” on the last day (May 15th) of the Full Moon & Tattoo Film Fest 2011. KRISTA is at her dramatic best as a photographer with a haunting past that threatens to torment the life she’s known. You already know her as a Bikini Model from the accumulation of erotically skimpy photos she’s done over the years and currently is a well-known Scream Queen. In fact, she actually started off as an actress and ever since has prospered in the modeling world….it’s tangible to see that KRISTA has set some Sexy Standards! Have you caught a glimpse of those seductive green eyes…..pretty unique if you ask me and contributes to her mysterious and exciting allure. KRISTA’s racy portfolio on MODEL MAYHEM compels us to take up an avid interest in her what she’s doing on film and beyond. It’s fascinating to read that people remember her as the character called Heaven from the sci-fi horror flick “Brainjacked”….this blonde goddess has seemingly descended from those very gates of paradise to dispense cinematic bliss.

She’s been appreciative of her fans throughout as can be seen from one of her memorable quotes: “It is because of you that I am able to do what I do. I read each and every e-mail and I am proud, so proud – whether you look up to me, look at my boobs, or love what I bring to my roles”. Are you in love yet with KRISTA’s genial personality and her Sex Symbol Pin-up features….I’m betting many will be lining up around the block to meet her! I might have a slight bias towards blondes but KRISTA has by all means proven to be an absolute Stunner!

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