Rising Starlet: Katie L. Hall

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Reach out and Touch Faith or in my case, reach out and touch the actresses of the world. I’ve decided to established Monday of every week as ‘Rising Starlets’ Day in honor of the fresh faces that are making a play for your hearts and eyes. Sweetheart KATIE L. HALL is one such desirable young lady and she’s set to tickle your funny bone in her upcoming film “Act Naturally”, a comedy that delivers the fun of nudism Full Frontal…hehe. Let’s Strip!!!! With those magical words from “Act Naturally”, we’re in for a rollicking good time especially as KATIE is fabulous as Leah who together with her sister unexpectedly inherits a nudist resort. I love the joviality of the movie, imploring us to let it all hang out and despite the consternations we have with our own body image, inherent happiness is what really matters. Of course, not only have do we have the cast stripping down to their bare essentials, the production crew got into the act too and went au naturel…:) Don’t miss the awesome behind-the-scenes footage (above) as the female leads regale their on-set experiences being enveloped by carefree nudity, the thrill of wearing nothing and why “Act Naturally” is really not a Dirty Movie!! Actress/Comic KATIE L. HALL as you already know is delightfully adorable, Liz Lytle has a ballsy charm and there’s even Susan May Pratt, a beauty I haven’t seen since her rousing “Open Water 2: Adrift” days.

The Underground Dance Flick “Go For It” and Investigation Discovery’s suspenseful LORE: Deadly Obsession are two more of KATIE’s features in what is becoming a busy week for the cutie. Good Things always comes in waves and I’m happy that KATIE has taken the time to compliment me on my efforts to promote female entertainers. This is what she said: “The fact that you spread such love and support for actresses creates such an amazing ambiance in this entertainment field. There are certain people that work very hard to get where they are, and you’re such a kind soul for recognizing and bringing attention to that”. Such an attractive, generous and talented actress is deserving of all the success in the world and judging from her lovable quirkiness, she has the perfect potential to strike it big….:)

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