Sexy Siren: Nadine Crocker


In the tradition of Stealing Beauties such as Liv Tyler, Olivia Wilde and Megan Fox comes the Stunning Model/Actress NADINE CROCKER. Say if i had a crush on her and it were measured on a scale of 1 to 10, she’ll be the maximum. That’s how much of an alluring impact NADINE radiates every time she steps in front of the camera. A series of television roles in “Hannah Montana”, “10 Things I Hate About You” and “No Ordinary Family” have attracted plenty of attention. On film, she’s going to be quite the head turner in “Some Guy Who Kills People”, the story centering on a frustrated guy who turns to serial killing to satisfy his need for revenge. I believe she plays a teen bully in this widely anticipated black comedy. Check out a scene from the movie and many other videos of the bewitching NADINE at the NADINE CROCKER OFFICIAL SITE. Noted for being humble, loving and considerate, she’s somebody at the cusp of stardom if you ask me. There’s a certain electricity about NADINE that sparks off instant admiration which many will gladly agree….here’s a young woman who rightly belongs in the pantheon of Screen Hotties. Lusciousness from head to toe and her set of mesmerizing eyes ensure heart palpitations of the doting kind…:)

I just realized she was at last year’s Sundance promoting the pot-heavy hilarity of “High School” which stars Adrien Brody….haven’t seen the movie yet but the trailer (above) is mighty intriguing and would have loved the chance to meet her. Telegenic, Photogenic, Warmheartedness….these are attributes of Miss NADINE that would have you eagerly following the blossoming starlet’s career. She’s proven her worth in several eclectic projects and her ability to create a sense of wonderment onscreen means we’ll keep coming back for more. She has so kindly informed me of the upcoming film “GB” premiering this year at the Toronto Film Fest which sees her in a sexier,edgier role and is her favorite thus far!

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