SIFF 2011 Hottie Special: German Vixen Jennifer Ulrich

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Come May 19th 2011, Seattle International Film Festival will be the epicenter of visual pleasure that will be colorfully stimulating throughout. Certainly we have to pay tribute to the actresses who in varying capacities are ensuring we fans have a mind-blowing good time. Not since “Fright Night” have Vampires been this audaciously seductive and the leading ladies of “We Are The Night” or “Wir sind die Nacht” (in German) should be commended for bringing Sexy Back! JENNIFER ULRICH for one is a sensation as Charlotte, a silent era movie star with looks to kill and a ruthless appetite for blood. JENNIFER has a priceless scene in “We Are The Night” where she pokers her eye with a lighted cigarette…there’s none of the emo posturing or existential thoughts of being the undead….It’s as true to the immoral vampiric nature as you can get amidst a very addictive Eurodance soundscape complete with throbbing beats. Being a Vamp is all about excess and I love how JENNIFER portrays her sultry Charlotte character with both bloodlust abandon and dignified poise. It’s terrific to see a strong female-fronted movie with women driving the story and doing the majority of the onscreen kills. I urge you to watch German Sirens JENNIFER ULRICH, Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss & Anna Fischer in one of the most gorily fun movies of the year! I’m half expecting a Hollywood remake to be churned out pretty soon.

It really doesn’t matter where you live in the world or what language you’re conversant with, JENNIFER like so many of her European peers have brilliantly intimated the enthralling cinematic experience we are so fond of. She’s been lauded once before for her intense performance as a teen who rebels against the ideals of a school cult in “The Wave”. Good-natured and with a heady desirability, it would be fascinating to see JENNIFER crossover to the American Market and achieve the kind of popularity relished by German talents say for example Franka Potente. JENNIFER brings a compelling freshness on the film scene and well on her way to success.

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