Cult Queens Of Cinematic Pleasure Then and Now!!


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“I Drink Your Blood”, “Sugar Cookies”, “Cat People”, “The Crazies”…Classic films that command a huge following thanks to the alluring Lynn Lowry. She had very different roles in each yet ultimately we were mesmerized every time she took to the screen. More so since she also headlined the soft-core film “Score” that involves lesbians, partner switching and even simulated sex scenes. On top of being a former Playboy Bunny and Cover Girl, she has been one of the most captivating figures in cult cinema. Kudos to the Cult Fiction Drive-In Convention for having Lynn as a Special Guest. Active in movies once more, a series of exciting projects such as “The Super” and “Torture Chamber” will have us swooning..:)



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Granted 1978’s “I Spit On Your Grave” was notorious for depicting the degradation of an innocent women but underneath its violently twisted tone lies the age-old story of good triumphing over evil. The leading lady that cause a generation to shudder with her unnerving, raw performance is the legendary Camille Keaton. I saw one of her recent interviews at a horror convention and boy is she as luscious as ever in a revealing low-cut dress. We rejoice seeing winsome beauty Camille return to form in the indie thriller “Sella Turcica” after a long hiatus. A trailblazer of exploitation cinema, Camille Keaton has undeniably been pivotal in shaping the genre and it’s fitting she’s been anointed Grindhouse Goddess.



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The popularity of “The Hills Have Eyes and “The Howling” have to be attributed to the dramatic performances of Dee Wallace. “The Howling” together with “An American Werewolf In London” and “Ginger Snaps” for me put werewolves on the map. Equal parts fun and frightening, the entertaining shock value from these 3 films never gets old. Watching a Hot Blonde Scream Queen such as Dee Wallace is essential and she’s proven her worth as a versatile actress throughout her illustrious career. While she’s been going the drama route playing an adulterous wife in “Bedrooms”, horror will always be in her heart as she’s set to star in indie thriller “Sebastian”. Unequivocally, she’s one accomplished entertainer.



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I might have been only a child when “The Warriors” was released in 1979 but till today it is regarded as a sensation. Constantly raved about, its controversial gang themes propelled “The Warriors” to Cult Classic status and amazingly had a PS2 beat-up action adventure game created in its honor! As you know, Deborah Van Valkenburgh was a scene stealer as Mercy, the prostitute who gets cosy with Swan, the leader of The Warriors. Her supermodel good-looks were most eye-catching. It’s fantastic to see her on TV, having been on “Law & Order: LA” and “The Event”. Still as striking as ever with a most gorgeous smile, Deborah’s engaging onscreen presence will never be forgotten..:)

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