SIFF 2011 Hottie Special: Sex Bomb Nancy Stelmaszczyk

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NANCY STELMASZCZYK stars in “Love”, one of the most surrealistic and visually impacting movies of the year. Produced by Tom Delonge, frontman of Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, the mind-blowing trailer (above) is outlandishly imaginative in its execution. We’ve seen our fair share of Man In Space films the likes of “Moon” and Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” but this one takes on a more humanistic approach of familial communication and survival despite an impending doom. Check out the Never Before Seen Footage which reveals that NANCY (she’s the girl in the photo at the 3:01 mark) could just be a figment of imagination cooked up by the stranded astronaut of the story or is she??? I’m adamant that quite a lot of people would instantly regard her as a Fantasy Girl….The Polish Busty model/actress effusing Huge Sex Appeal no matter the time or place and highly likely even in outer space…:) In case you didn’t by now, watch her reel (above) Miss Body Beautiful NANCY being SKIN-TASTIC in a itsy bitsy black bikini. You’ll be surprised to discover this gal is more like the equivalent of a brainy beauty having graduated with a degree in Bio-Chemistry. Smart and Sexy is so often a sensual combo…:)

Here’s a juicy fact about NANCY: She was seen smooching ladies man George Clooney when she was working on the film “Oceans Thirteen”…..Hey NANCY..Give me a kiss too why don’t you…hehe. She’s also famed for being Girl #24 on the hit game show “Deal Or No Deal” and has appeared in “Bones” as well as “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. I’ll always remember one of her Facebook quotes: I’ll be the one in the tiny bikini at the beach if you need me”. Summer can’t come soon enough so why not show the Love for NANCY STELMASZCZYK who’s certain to join the ranks of Sex Symbols.

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