Aussie Vixen: Elizabeth Sandy

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Recently Talk Show Extraordinaire Craig Ferguson said all men notice when the ladies are Australian. Blonde Beauty ELIZABETH SANDY rightly belongs in the bewitching group of ladies he mentioned and they have more than endeared themselves to fans everywhere. Forget all The Rapture talk and nonsensical End of the World predictions, there’s only one thing we should be looking forward to and that’s the dreamlike feature “Apocalypse, CA”. Besides the bizarre humor where a group of friends prepare for death by asteroid, I’m looking forward to catching ELIZABETH cast a spell on us as Sassy Boots. As mysterious as she is beautiful with some out of this world abilities…is she an alien or a witch?? What I can confirm is ELIZABETH is at her beguiling best and together with Anne McDaniels they’re a ravishing duo in a film that surely elicits comparisons to the surrealism of Donnie Darko. She’ll also dazzle in indie feature “The Scenesters”, the one of a kind satire on the horrors one encounters while seeking fame as hipsters are systematically offed by a serial killer. With “The Scenesters” currently having a healthy reception, the time is ripe to hail the emergence of this buzzworthy actress.

The ELIZABETH SANDY OFFICIAL SITE has plenty of updates on this porcelain-skin Australian Siren. This gal has appeared in Australian Soaps such as the very popular “Neighbours” and lit up the stage performing Shakespeare. That’s on top of her thriving modeling career and her hilarious antics as a frisky yet socially inept Ukrainian woman in “Svetlana and Ivanka” where she doubles up as a writer of the sketch act. ELIZABETH has landed some juicy parts on both film and TV, illuminating the screen with such effortless grace and that is why moviegoers will always have mega crushes on the talents from Down Under.

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