Hot Web Vixen Of Summer: Kari Lee Cartwright

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Continuing my Asian Angels Theme this week, let’s shine the spotlight on the vivacious KARI LEE CARTWRIGHT who is making waves in “Boom Chick Boom!”. This series of sketchisodes as they are so endearingly called has KARI and fellow actresses Fredericka Meek, Samantha Figura, among others delivering hilarity straight off the web. KARI is the Chameleonic Comic embodying a variety of guises from neurotic boyfriend seeker to a bearded Iron Chef-like reality host. Don’t miss the Season Finale of “Boom Chick Boom” as the girls take on Katy Perry in the spoof “Islamic Gurls” (above). It’s the antithesis of Sex In The City; Conservatively Clad Ladies prancing and singing in the desert fawning over a man but without the touching and their chastity belts intact…LOL! The re-imagined lyrics are tactfully amusing as is the parody on Islamic norms. Make your way to the BOOM CHICK BOOM SITE at KOLDCAST.TV for more humor-laden episodes that have helped “Boom Chick Boom” achieved its regular ranking as one of the most popular channels week on week. “Driving Miss Crazy” and “The Copper Chef” are a must-see if you’re into off-the-wall comedy. KARI and the team of wonderfully wacky sirens are certainly the explosive FUTURE OF FUNNY especially since Season 2 is already in the works!

Huge thanks to Samantha Figura for introducing KARI to me. It’s always such a joy when actresses post exciting stuff on my FACEBOOK wall and thanks to them, I get a peek at hot videos hitting the online world. Stumbled on a pic of her as a Dragon Lady from one of her short films “FlashBang” and she’s a gal who can turn on the Eastern allure anytime, anywhere…:) Having marveled as a singer, dancer, producer, writer and performed in numerous theatres across the US including Carnegie Hall and parts of Asia, she’s well on her way to shining on the web too. With a gem of a sketch show and part of the spicy super group “Boom Chick Boom” eliciting laughter everywhere, KARI is primed for success.

Ravishing Redhead Of Summer: Taylor Roberts


Photo by Stylehouse ©

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Mix in the allure of Olivia Wilde and the heavenly comeliness of flame-haired bombshells through the years and you have TAYLOR ROBERTS. Just made a discovery that redheads were called love goddesses back in the day and a glimpse at Miss TAYLOR confirms how heavenly she is…:) Even Legendary Al Pacino is smitten with her having collaborated on staged readings of Betsy and Napolean and regularly opting to read with her…now that’s an impressive feat on her part. She’s on the fast track to becoming a TV Vixen on January 29th in the new series “Happily Divorced” headlined by one-of-a-kind nasal-enhanced comedy queen Fran Drescher. Lo and Behold, she’s been cast as Beautiful Girl in the “Anniversary” episode probably banking on her telegenic appeal. Best recognized for her role as Camilla Barnes in “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, essaying the multi-layered duplicitous character in her battle of wits with Detective Robert Goren (the always cool Vincent D’Onofrio). Currently, she’s also a model in the denim-inspired 2011 Esprit Perfume as well as the La Senza Swimwear campaigns, ever so bewitchingly sexy in both (see the hot videos above). Those sassy red curls ensure TAYLOR’s a divine standout. The TAYLOR ROBERTS OFFICIAL SITE is your resource to a wealth of information, videos and pics of this tasty performer.

Be prepared for the charm offensive from Taylor Roberts as she can be seen on various prestigious fashion runways and Relish Magazine has her as their cover girl on their premiere issue. With her interchangeable looks and elegant hair to match, she’s very much the style princess. Just found a video “Follow Me On Twitta” that sees her as a cutie pie, all adorably lovey dovey…she’s stealing hearts all over the world i reckon. Taylor lists Rita Hayworth and Kathryn Hepburn as her favorite actresses and I won’t be surprise if she scales the same heights of popularity as her idols achieved during their careers…:)