Hot Blonde Of Summer 2011: Ginger Pullman

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Unofficially Summer arrived in the US with Memorial Day Weekend so it’s time to get excited as Dances With Films 2011 will showcase the most mesmerizing indie princesses. What better than to thrust Ford Model/Actress GINGER PULLMAN into the limelight especially since she’s appearing in “The Millennium Bug” which is making its World Premiere at Dances With Films. If you’re a fan of the Korean Hit “The Host”, this suspenseful movie will be right up your alley mashing the classic monster scares with servings of Hillbilly mayhem we as horror fans have been voraciously devouring over the years. GINGER plays Pearlene, the femme fatale of the sadistic Crawford Clan who may be the villains of the piece but even they can’t hold a candle to the terror that’s erupting from beneath!! It’s amazing to see GINGER’s character evolve as survival becomes the ultimate priority and the trailer (above) has more than enough chills; A delightfully Deviant Indie Creature Feature With Lots Of Bite! Early pics of GINGER in a blood-covered white dress cutting quite the menacing figure suggest we’re in for some freaky fun. However, if you prefer to see her more sensual side, pay a visit to the GINGER PULLMAN OFFICIAL SITE.

GINGER is also known for being a sexy vampire killer in the popular web series “Vampire Killers” and even in this thriller, there’s an unexpected twist!! It’s gratifying to see that the drop-dead gorgeous GINGER has essayed roles that tiptoe on the side of good and evil, keeping everything rather interesting. There’s early buzz that GINGER will be in MTVs scripted horror/comedy series “Death Valley” about an Undead Task Force tasked to rid San Fernando Valley of some unwelcome zombies, vampires and werewolves. Whether she’s a heroine or a villainess, rest assured this pin-up blonde is on hand to make you tingle…:)

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