Sizzling Cutie: Senta Moses

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In my years of actress appreciation, I’ve subscribed to the notion once a cutie, always a cutie and SENTA MOSES has adorable X-Factor aplenty. Her recurring spots on TV Series “Greek” were billed as some of the funniest scenes ever thanks to the kookiness she channeled as Zeta Beta Zeta computer geek Lizzie.It’s a fantastic feeling to connect with the hotties from “Greek” as the female cast of Aynsley Bubbico, Nora Kirkpatrick and now SENTA are absolutely charming. If you must know her exuberance has a spill-over effect in real life too and she’s already won me over with her chirpy disposition. Excellent timing too seeing how her movie “10 Years Later” is screening this Friday at the 14th Annual Dances With Films although this time SENTA delves into darker territory.She’s a woman (Becky Clarke) whose high school reunion dredges up old wounds after unwittingly becoming a co-conspirator in a kidnapping pact. Savor its clever pacing and helpings of anarchist humor which drives the film’s refreshingly twisted premise. Look out for the emotional roller coaster of SENTA’s character as she navigates the minefield of her troubling situation. Her offbeat yet sterling displays onscreen are as endearing as the natural curls of her gorgeous hair.

Make sure you visit the SENTA MOSES OFFICIAL SITE for the latest developments regarding her Film,TV and Commercial endeavors. Many of her fans still reminisce her days as Phoebe, the sprightly lab assistant on “Beakman’s World” and they still harbor huge crushes up till today. Thanks to Youtube (unfortunately Beakman’s World never aired in Asia), I’m now privy to those episodes and would strongly agree SENTA has a vibrancy that’s lovable. From her “Home Alone” child star days to her current prominence as a TV/Film darling, SENTA has regularly struck a chord with audiences the world over.

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