Hot TV Siren Of Summer: Kimberly Wallis

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Alluring Kimberly Wallis has done a host of TV roles including a sexy love scene that ends cruelly (she gets a lethal injection on the neck) in “CSI: New York” and a spot on “Charmed” when Shannen Doherty ruled the coven!! She is set to appear in TV’s newest family show “Switched At Birth” which has incredibly become the #1 debut TV Series for ABC….Let The Rating Wars Begin! Keep your eyes peeled for Kimberly in the 3rd episode right at the beginning as she plays Gillian, the friend of Lea Thompson’s character Kristen Kennish, the wealthy matriarch who’s bound for emotional turmoil. I hope Kimberly gets a recurring gig on “Switched At Birth” which has already wowed viewers with its emotionally-charged life-changing plot. Two girls discovering they were wrongly transplanted, one into a life of privilege and riches, the other growing up poor and dealt the sorry state of life is hands down a recipe for intense melodrama. Hey Mr Casting Agent!! Start spreading the love and give sweet Kimberly a regular spot on your soon to be hit show…;)

Seeing how she’s endowed with pleasing photogenic features, I was impressed to find out that she used to model in Japan and is well-traveled so crossing my fingers she makes her way back to Asia. Go forth to the KIMBERLY WALLIS OFFICIAL SITE for more info on this luscious talent who has one of the cutest smiles I’ve seen on the evidence of her photos. I didn’t get to see her playing off Shannon Elizabeth in “Cuts” but she can certainly turn on the funny (see her reel above). Known for her comedic flair leading to rave reviews for her extensive theater work, Kimberly could build on that success and be the latest in the line of TV honeys.

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