Euro Vixen: Nicole Marischka

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After watching the actioner “Hanna” recently where there were numerous quips about Berlin and Leipzig, I felt compelled to spotlight Nicole Marischka, a starlet who herself resides in Berlin as well as Munich, Germany. Thanks to our inter-connected world, I get to enjoy arthouse dramas such as “Everybody Else” aka “Alle Anderen” which wouldn’t have happened a few years back. Getting in touch with one of the film’s stars, the accomplished NICOLE MARISCHKA is also a big plus. NICOLE certainly has plenty to offer as she did in “Everybody Else” as Sana, a well-respected clothes designer who together with her husband has an uneasy tension with a young couple. The complex emotionalism that Nicole and her fellow cast mates develop through “Everybody Else” is absorbing as we see the relationship between the dysfunctional quartet gradually break down. There’s a believable sincerity as tumultuous love and jealousy play out, making us reflect on how we regularly compare ourselves with others in a bid to keep up with the Joneses. Following “Everybody Else”, NICOLE proves why she’s a stealing beauty in war drama “Fateful Years” aka “Schicksalsjahre” and even has a topless scene at the beach….how more enticing can she get…a whole lot more!!

A established comedic starlet on German television, NICOLE is also at ease on stage and has sang cabaret at various revues exhibiting her multi-talented qualities. Check out the clip (above) to be entertained by her flirty, singing style and she’s adorably elegant. We’ve already seen France together with Spain become the excellent talent machine and carried on with the rise of Nordic Princesses such as Noomi Rapace. German actresses could be the Next Wave of Screen Sirens if they haven’t come good already and I like that they’re enchanting moviegoers in their native language! The rise and rise of Europe’s female talents is set to continue with NICOLE gaining in stature as one of the leading lights.

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