Rising Starlet: Jennifer Rouse

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JENNIFER ROUSE may be recognized for being a Scream Queen but this girl can absolutely step it up in any genre you put her in. Whether it’s Western drama “Come High Or Hell Water”, sex comedy “A Dirty Shame” or surreal flick “The Death Of Poe”, she has daintily vibrant features that are suited to any era if the film so requires. Seeing JENNIFER as a Victorian Beauty would always be fascinating seeing how we ourselves could never experience that day and age. I’m still entranced by the lovely photo of her in the Cheongsam…love Western Gals Spicing Up The Eastern Look..:) That admiration got even sweeter when I came across the saucy pics of her in horror hottie mode (above). Add the gold and red superheroine outfit she dons in her latest project “Adventures Of Louanna Lee Episode 4” clearly verifies the sumptuous beauty that she is. Staying true to her surname, she has without question been rousing viewers as an actress, model, filmmaker, musician & designer…a Five Star Performer indeed! Known for her work in “Chainsaw Sally”, the psychedelic cult show fronted by April Burril, JENNIFER’s Character Ice Cream Girl gets on the wrong side of April’s demented Sally and experiences the pleasures of pain while chained up! Actresses of the horror genre do partake in some seriously dark stuff but as any fan will know they are amazingly accessible and JENNIFER herself is always cordial.

She’s actually the very first talent hailing from Baltimore, Maryland to leave a lasting impression on this blog and I welcome her being featured here with open arms. Visit the JENNIFER ROUSE OFFICIAL SITE and learn of the many creative pursuits she has on her plate including being cast alongside ‘Mr 90210’ Jason Priestly in an upcoming thriller. A woman of many hats, JENNIFER’s passion for the musical aspects of filmmaking rang true when she scored the entire length of her film “The Death Of Poe”. Not one to sit on her laurels, JENNIFER has reinvigorated the perception we have of a Scream Queen, demonstrating an exciting verve to every role she undertakes.

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