Hot Brunette Of Summer: Candace Elaine

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Actresses are and will be the everlasting light of my life reminding me how thoroughly blessed it is to be in the company of such fine women. Enter CANDANCE ELAINE, all round foxy lady with a good-natured personality to match. Sending her specially signed autographs (above) all the way from Dana Point, California highlights her many lovable qualities. With gorgeous tattoos adorning the exquisite areas of her body and sultry kissable lips, start reveling in the delights of her sensuality. Come August 9, her star is going to burn bright when the action-movie “Tactical Force” arrives on DVD. That’s actually cause for a double celebration since it’s also the date of independence of my country! Playing a gun-toting Russian Mercenary by the name of Ilya Kalashnikova, she’s the slinky femme fatale in black stilettos drawn into a gang war. Behind strong men lies an alluring woman and it’s great that the heavy male testosterone is balanced by the magnetic appeal of CANDACE. Whether she gets to face off with wrestler turned action hero Steve Austin remains to be seen and is she going to be the duplicitous one i wonder??

In her previous movie “Corrado” aka “Bad Ass”, CANDACE was on the side of good playing Nurse Julia marked for death by mafioso types after an unfortunate happenstance. She stars alongside Tom Sizemore (who actually is a close friend of hers) in this tale about a hit man who abandons his ruthlessness to save a life which we know to be CANDACE’s aforementioned nurse. Originally from Canada but now plying her trade in the US, her accomplishments in dance, stage and film sees CANDACE establishing herself as another rising starlet we all need to know about. To be appreciative of the blossoming talents of CANDACE ELAINE and be able to keep in touch with this special lady is a most wonderful thing…:)

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