Sizzling Cutie: Angela Trimbur

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Once more glitter descends upon us in the form of another dazzling event celebrating the best in film. Indeed the LA Film Fest 2011 has some heavy hitters with heart throb Ryan Reynolds pledging allegiance to a lantern and Katie Holmes becoming very afraid of the dark. That also means a bevy of eclectic beauties who are going to be the talk of town in the City Of Angels! ANGELA TRIMBUR is one such hottie and even though she has a supporting role in the highly raved indie “The Future”, she’s part of an impressive female-friendly line-up. Just like Kristina Klebe came to prominence in the first Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Angela herself was a scene-stealer in the sequel. She ensured that her brash yet tempting Harley David is one to savor and how about those priceless flashes of her sumptuous derrière in the van love scene before her brutal slaying by one Michael Myers. Actually she flaunted her flawless rear once more in the amusing sketch “Date Oopsie” on YouTube (above) where her wacky antics are a must see. Yo Christopher Nolan! Not to sure if Juno Temple is in the running but if you’re still looking to cast, ANGELA would make the perfect Harley Quinn in the upcoming Batman installment. Mad Love is bound to happen if the irrepressibly zippy Angela is given the chance to ramp up the craziness in Joker’s naughty sidekick. This is a lady who thinks crying is for pussies (in her words)…isn’t she ideal!!

Looking like she’s just arrived from the 1930s with her classic features, she’s made the vintage femininity for the modern gal hugely appealing…Fashion chic and indie cred are clearly synonymous with her. Even though, ANGELA is known as a fantastic dramatic actress, she has had millions laughing their asses off on the strength of her displays as a comedienne. One of the hardest working women in the biz, ANGELA is determined to keep us in a dizzyingly pleasant state of mind. Recently she’s been called Comedy Favorite in a Huffington Post Review…aren’t you excited to watch her now!

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