Hot Blonde Vixen Of Summer: Jenn Gotzon

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When talking about Impact Performers, there’s one lady generating tremendous buzz, so much so her name was ranked #2 on IMDB’s Starmeter only a few weeks ago. I’m referring to the delectable JENN GOTZON who also captured the #1 spot above Natalie Portman in a ranking of top actresses based on search results of her name. As we know, popularity on the IMDB site can be fleeting but it is a wonderful achievement for JENN who industry insiders compare her onscreen presence as on par to a young Meryl Streep. JENN most certainly has that endearing likability that befits a blossoming star in the making. If you’ve already a fan of hers on Facebook, you already know JENN is appealingly sweet even commenting how cool it was that I was featuring her here. For an actress of her stature to interact with fans is invaluable..isn’t it any wonder my huge affection for blondes keeps increasing exponentially…:) This week alone, two trailers of her upcoming films were released which will exhibit her divine loveliness and charming versatility. On the strength of her upcoming feature “Doonby”, JENN GOTZON is at her sassy best as a worldly daughter of a wealthy doctor who becomes weary of life’s trappings until an enigmatic drifter brightens it up. The mysterious man in question is played by John Schneider of Smallville fame and his gruff yet laid-back exterior kind of reminds me of Michael Landon from the TV series “Highway To Heaven”. I can’t wait for the sparks to fly between JENN’s delightful character Laura Reaper and John’s Sam Doonby, the outsider seeing how the two of them have boundless chemistry!

She’s primed to leave you smitten in a host of features such as the French/Indian war drama “Alone Yet Not Alone” and an intriguing cyber-war thriller “Dragon Day”. Be sure to keep up with her latest exploits at the very informative JENN GOTZON OFFICIAL SITE. Stirring turns in “Frost/Nixon” and “Stained” launched her as a sought-after screen siren and her consistent ability to bring out the emotional depth in complex roles is quickly becoming a crowd-pleaser. With no-less than 30 indie films under her belt, she’s living the dream and is encouraging others to do the same via her motivational mentor-outreach program, “Inspiring Audiences”. She’s the irrefutable sparkle in our lives, elevating movie-watching into an absorbing medium which everyone can relish with gusto.

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