Sex Bomb: Liana Mendoza

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With more and more egging me on to feature more Luscious Latinas, it is a pleasure to have the Sizzler Of Summer LIANA MENDOZA be marveled at today. She’s famed for steaming up late nights on TV in “Zane’s Sex Chronicles” as the man eater Trinity; Intoxicating men and leaving a trail of broken hearts, LIANA was massively beguiling…would have love to see her in more than just the 10 racy episodes! She was playing against type of course, having affirmed that she adores men and that us guys were born to please women…Nice!! Oh by the way, she’s a certified hypnotherapist but I get a feeling we’re the one being hypnotized by her desirability. Guest starring as Marie Galasso on “Bones”, LIANA had a tete-a-tete with David Boreanaz’s Booth who tries to push her buttons. She was excellent as Marie, the petite firecracker giving as good as she got! From TV to Indie Babe, her dramedy “From The Head” with Matthew Lillard of “Scream” Fame is an official selection at the 4th Annual Philadelphia Independant Film Festival running from 22-26th June and the chance to watch the bootylicious LIANA on the big screen is reason enough to attend this event. This Hispanic Hottie is rapidly making headway and moving on up to major studio pictures.

In case you thought LIANA was only heating up film features, she’s currently shooting a music video with her mentor Mr Sleepy from Outkast who has a fab new single “You’re My Lady” in anticipation of his upcoming album Sex, Drugs & Soul. It’s stripped down smoothness reminiscent of the funkiness of Curtis Mayfield. Christened as Roxxy (her alter-ego), LIANA is under Sleepy’s label 13 Black Records, has performed live on stage with him and it would be a triumphant trifecta to see them collaborate on a music video…I’m betting LIANA will exude full on sensuality. Most significantly she’s been called super nice in person and the show of tremendous support for everything she does grows by the day. She’s clearly one of the most enticing ladies on the planet not just in terms of outer beauty but her passion for her craft and well-known warm-hearted personality would surely have her in high demand.

One thought on “Sex Bomb: Liana Mendoza

  1. right on – i love white chicks, but i love all the others as well. More Latinas, Asians, Afroeverythings – bring em on!

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