LA Film Fest Hottie Special 2011: Indie Princess Suziey Block

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There may be only 3 days worth of this year’s LA Film Fest left but the event is striving to save its best for last. I’m referring to the horror flick “Entrance” that’s all the rage, even usurping bland “Green Lantern” and its cardboard villains. Guess the big boys have to make way for this indie gem; The subtle tone of its fantastic trailer(above) is mind bogglingly mysterious opting for the resonating impact of the aural kind. Behind every great film is of course a great woman and I’m referring to SUZIEY BLOCK who headlines as a hipster yearning to leave LA but finds it’s easier said than done! In SUZIEY, you have a performer who has an impeccable ability to make viewers want to invest in the person behind the story. “Entrance” sees her essaying a true-to-life character with hopes and fears that ultimately leads her down a road of paranoia she can’t extract herself out of!! I’m expecting by the end of the movie, we’ll all be blown away…:) Come July 24th you know where you should be…at the premiere of “ENTRANCE” to catch a glimpse of SUZIEY. She’s already dazzled in angelic white on opening night at the LA Film Fest and she’ll surely do so once more on the red carpet. There’s her magnetic charisma that speedily grows on you which would easily ensure a growing list of ardent fans.

As the principal in a duo of upcoming horror flicks “Where Is Amy Pressman” and “American Mummy” SUZIEY is fashioning herself as quite the enigma. The first feature is a documentary-style retelling of a road-trip gone wrong while the latter looks to reinvent the wheel when it comes to feeding our craze for Zombies. Just saw SUZIEY covered in blood from head to toe in a First Look photo of “Wonder Valley”, a take on the popular ‘Cannibals Hunting Vacationers’ sub-genre that introduces a huge twist. Sounds like SUZIEY is establishing herself as a rapidly burgeoning Scream Queen in addition to her standing as an indie and festival darling. That’s triple the reasons and three times the visual pleasure…more than enough to show our appreciation for one of the brightest starlets to hit the independent scene.

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