Latin Vixen: Yeniffer Behrens

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When one speaks of The Sexiest Women Of The World, one has to talk about the very beguiling YENIFFER BEHRENS in the same breath. Or in my case put the reverence for this Venezuelan-born Stunner down in words. This week, it has been so gratifying featuring a Bevy of Hispanic Cuties and continuing the Hottie Trend, it’s time to turn our attention on the delectable YENIFFER. Known for steaming up the soap opera “General Hospital” as Marianna, she was Ric Lansing’s love interest who somewhat tempers his revenge-seeking ways. The soap star then took the indie route, depicting a spicy energy in numerous films such as “Hollywood Whores” and “Frozen Kiss” and in recently released thriller “Decisions”, showcased her dramatic chops as Serena, a woman on the wrong side of the law. This was the very last film of the late Corey Haim and was a poignant reminder of how people can leave us at the most unlikely of times but their spirit remains. I’m eagerly awaiting for the DVD release of “Decisions” on August 15th as it has YENIFFER in a fascinatingly edgy performance which i gathered from watching the trailer (above). If you think she’s eye-catching, wait till you see her at a premiere or an event if you ever had the chance…the photos proving she’s an Illuminating Siren, the genuine article…:) There’s also that unmissable detail of Miss YENIFFER and her voluptuous curves that has so many calling her ‘Chica Bonita’. The YENIFFER BEHRENS OFFCIAL SITE offers a detailed insight into this comely lady so rush on over!

Latina Heat is turned all the way up this Summer and YENIFFER is most certainly taking us on a journey we want to be part of. Besides her movie appearances, she previously guest starred in several popular TV Shows such as CSI and Nip/Tuck. She even became the focal point throughout a whole episode of TV Series “In Plain Sight” playing Reina Alfara, a nurse from El Salvador facing deportation unless she is given a green card in exchange for her testimony. Don’t you worry, YENIFFER has plenty of intoxicating appeal to carry a feature on her shoulders if need be and it’s great to see her driving the plot. Look out for her in the upcoming snuff film horror of “Unknowns”. I haven’t seen her in a slasher before but that’s going to be a huge thrill! Often described as the Girl with the Captivating Smile and heaped regularly with positive praises for her onscreen endeavors, she’s leaving an impression that will last a lifetime.

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