Hot TV Vixen of Summer: Kulap Vilaysack

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Get ready for the Laotian Goddess KULAP VILAYSACK who this week graces Episode 5 of the medical drama satire “Childrens Hospital”. She was Nurse Sandy in Season 1 and returns in Season 3 as Nurse Kulap for four episodes…crossing my fingers she’s slated to appear in more. If you’re don’t already know, KULAP VILAYSACK is pronounced “cool-lop v-lie-sock” hence she’s already one of the coolest actresses on our planet by virtue of her fashionably unique name…:) With its ever revolving list of eclectic recurring guest stars such as Miss KULAP, “Childrens Hospital” will have you laughing your asses off with its irreverent rudeness on all things medical. Shamelessly mocking beloved shows “House” and “ER”, the punchlines are both amusingly inane and insanely freaky proving laughter is indeed the best medicine. Under the Funny Or Die Banner, KULAP herself had audiences chortling at her many sketches on the web and she makes me absolutely proud to be ASIAN! Oh yeah, don’t think I didn’t notice her ample bosom which she can use to great effect as a comedienne….She Definitely Brings On Tons of Sexy Funny!! Check out the hilarious videos “Bigger Boobs” and “Token”, the latter about needing to be the exclusive eye-catching minority in a room of people. The KULAP VILAYSACK OFFICIAL TUMBLR aka ‘Laotian In Motion’ has a huge following. Could it be because she’s been in a dazzler in “The Office”, amped up the funny as a writer with Sarah Silverman and even had Julia Louise-Dreyfus allow her hand under Julia’s boob in “The New Adventures Of Christine”…hehe.

That’s for you to discover as her tumbler is adorned with interesting slices of life/geek buzz with a healthy slant on Asia-nisms which is thoroughly welcomed. KULAP has arrived in Hollywood as a result of her initiative and be seen work ethic, captivating our socks off as a charming comic. Apparently she’s into hugs so if I was near, I’d give her a huge squeeze for being so awe-inspiring. It’s time we commend her contributions in the entertainment field as she has rightly earned the adulation of her thriving fan base.

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