British Vixen: Kimberly Jaraj

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Fetching English Honey KIMBERLY JARAJ is unquestionably flying high as a blossoming talent from the British Isles. Starring as a stewardess fighting to survive on board a doomed flight in the upcoming thriller “Airborne”, success is waiting just round the corner for this comely blonde. She may have missed out on working with the late Roy Scheider of “Jaws” fame but she’s cast alongside ‘Mr Luke Skywalker” himself Mark Hamill in “Airbone”, a tale full of supernatural Hitchcockian twists added to its plane hijack plot that we’re looking ahead to savoring. Together with UK Sex Symbol Gemma Atkinson who plays chief flight attendant, they make for captivating eye candy but the gals are widely expected to be involved in some serious action! Having read her Shoot Diary, KIMBERLY’s character Laura has to fend off a crim with a bottle in one of the more riveting scenes. Her hard work on British TV as well as features has paid off with this leading role that’s already creating positive publicity for her. Rumors are also rife that Russell Brand has plans to join KIMBERLY in her new comedy “The 10 Year Itch”…that’s pretty juicy news!! With her flowing long hair and lissome elegance, she’s one for adoring eyes…:) For someone who delves into the challenge of playing varying personas, she was wonderful as the lovelorn sister of a London-based Jordanian in the lesbian drama “I Can’t Think Straight” and had a supporting role in the tense slow-burner “Knife Edge”.

Having gone through the harshest of trials and tribulations as a young ballerina in the prestigious Royal Ballet School, she’s moved on and coped impeccably with the pressures of being an entertainer. Besides gracing our screens ever so beautifully, she’s a spokesmodel for London Loves LA, a blog shop selling vintage apparel. Hey Pippa Middleton! You’re not the only one us males around the world have designs on. We may have differing tastes but I’m certain we are united on being captivated by their enticingly fair-skin and seductively posh accents. Even Canadian teen phenom Justin Bieber acknowledges the attractiveness of British girls and you can include the sumptuous KIMBERLY JARAJ in that hot list…:)