Hot Aussie Temptress Of Summer: Kirsty Lee Allan



If there’s one Australian gal that can quickly ignite a dude’s primal instincts, it’s the delectably Buxom KIRSTY LEE ALLAN. As Seaman Chief Rebecca ‘Bomber’ Brown in the hit Aussie Drama “Sea Patrol”, she’s the pinnacle of refreshing warmth yet maintains a sauciness that’s undeniable. Of course, many will point to her bikini scene at a pool (see above) that has the same lust-inducing effect as Pheobe Cates in the red two-piece from “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”. KIRSTY may have opted for the cleavage-friendly blue variety but there’s no discounting that her ample bosom plays a big part in boosting her sex appeal. She readily admits she’s a little shy about her huge boobs on the petite frame of hers but I can bet no one’s complaining. She may have left “Sea Patrol” for the bright lights of LA but TV fans surely can’t get her out of their minds. Get intoxicated by the skimpily-clad photo spread of KIRSTY IN RALPH MAGAZINE…how I’m wishing the Australian Lifestyle Mag was available in stores worldwide! Most recently, KIRSTY appeared in the amusing short “Sheep Impact” with Steven Seagal and from the moment she’s onscreen, her naturally mesmerizing glow is apparent even if she’s modestly dress this time around. Incredibly, Seagal’s a chick magnet with the knack for attracting the ladies and KIRSTY more than fulfills the hottie criteria.

From the moment she was the object of lust as Sharona on the profanity-fueled wacky Aussie Comedy Series “Fat Pizza” and right up to her “Sea Patrol” days, KIRSTY has been eye-catching every step of the way! While we may not get to lay eyes on KIRSTY as often since she’s still settling down in LA after her move from Sydney, this is one starlet we want to get an eyeful’s worth in the near future. What a way to kick-off this Summer’s Countdown of Bikini Hotties starting with a Seductive Sheila such as Miss KIRSTY LEE ALLAN!

3 thoughts on “Hot Aussie Temptress Of Summer: Kirsty Lee Allan

  1. I’ve never seen that picture in the brown swimsuit before, the one on the top right. Where is it from…?

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