Sexy Siren: Lisa Foiles



When a talent is recognized for her ability to manipulate video game-obsessed basement dwellers with her breasts (this according to Wikipedia), she should seriously be gushed about! Actress, Web Vixen, Gamer Girl/Journalist and Cosplayer, LISA FOILES is riding high as an Entertainment Maven! Now add Scream Queen onto the accomplished resume of hers as she prepares to thrill audiences in “Shiver” alongside Horror Sweetheart Danielle Harris. While I may harbor hopes of her being the Final Girl, the fact that she went bottled blonde is a godsend for aficionados like me…hehe. Just a week ago, LISA became a fashionably tempting redhead(she’s actually a brunette) and she still glows with the compellingly sumptuous factor. She’s reminiscent of voluptuous dolls headlining those action games that she regularly reviews and while she may not be endowed with insane Triple F-Cups, all hail LISA, The Busty-licious Geek Goddess. We’ll probably be manic with obsession for LISA on the same level as she’s throughly engrossed on all things gaming! Check her out in the saucy Cosplay/Halloween Party skin of Harley Quinn from “Arkham Asylum” (see pic above)…LISA is 100% the genuine article when it comes to gaming cred!! You are most welcomed to be in the realm of this ‘GAMING IS SEXY’ champion at the LISA FOILES OFFICIAL SITE.

Once a Nickelodeon starlet on the sketch comedy series “All That”, she was also recently on Season 3 of “Leverage” as a lively Pharmaceutical Rep. An influential figure on the digital frontier, she currently espouses the finer points of nerd culture sometimes with sarcasm on her video game website “Save Point“. On top of that, she’s a columnist on “Kotaku“, the Ninja-themed online game guide, a contributor on “The Angry Joe Show” and the hostess of Top 5 With Lisa Foiles on “The Escapist” online magazine. It’s only a matter of time before LISA achieves the same sought-after star status as Felicia Day and similarly Buxomy Taryn Southern. The future of Web is here and now with LISA FOILES at her most enthralling….in her words, she’s ready to squeeze netizens tight to her accepting chest…;)

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