Hot Brunette Of Summer: Jordan Madley



Ever since my younger days, “The Craft” certainly has always stood out as a classic thanks to Fairuza Balk’s intense performance as the goth teen witch Nancy. Exactly ten years later in 2006, came the release of under-rated “5ive Girls” and that very witch fest paved the way for Raven-haired Vixen JORDAN MADLEY. As Mara, one of five female delinquents who possess supernatural abilities, they would come face to face with demons that threaten their existence. Jordan excellently gets under the skin of her feisty character who happens to wield the power of healing and with her being convincingly tough as nails, she had me thrilled all the way. Thanks to the exquisitely beautiful JORDAN, Bewitching Schoolgirls with attitude were in vogue way before upcoming series “The Secret Circle” ever came to fruition. In similar fashion, I’m tipping that she’s bound to spice up raunchy anthology “Femme Fatales” in the episode “Till Death Do Us Part”, arriving on TV screens at the end of July 2011. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be hearing and reading more about the tasty women who are ensuring that “Femme Fatales” spread like wildfire around the world. Every cast member is lovably genial and having been on Jordan Madley’s Official Twitter for quite some time, I found her to be pleasantly accommodating…:)

Her part in “Femme Fatales” is not the first time she’s titillating viewers having partake in “The Girls of American Pie: Naked Mile Photo Shoot” (above) and an explicit love scene in “Unrivaled” as an MMA Fighter’s girlfriend. Reading about how fans covet her films for the very reason she’s appearing in them points to many being consumed with desire for her ravishing form. One of Canada’s Sexiest Exports, JORDAN MADLEY is establishing herself as someone with the yummy flavor to arouse and the feminine wiles to electrify.

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