Hot TV Vixen Of Summer: Brie Mattson



“One Life To Live” and “All My Children” may have been canceled and gone the way of digital but that doesn’t mean we’ll be deprived of our Soap Opera Hotties. Especially since, BRIE MATTSON has been announced as the new love interest of Noah, a central figure in the long-running, still going strong soap “The Young And The Restless”. There’s something about beauties with BRIE in their name that makes you swoon, think Alison Brie, Brie Larson, Brie Gabrielle and of course BRIE MATTSON herself who is an absolute doll. Have you seen her so adorably sexy on “Desperate Housewives” as Kimberly who together with Jacqui Holland are the dates of Max and Charles Carver (playing the Scavo twins). First impressions are indeed everything as Felicity Huffman’s Lynette Scavo assumes that they’re more akin to tramps than sweethearts in the amusing scene (check out the first minutes of her reel above). Being judgmental of someone is human nature but one thing we can agree on is that BRIE is a radiant young lady on and off set. Wondering why I’m announcing BRIE as a Vixen this Summer?? If you’re ever lucky enough to spot BRIE in a bikini complementing that luscious 36-24-37 figure of hers, then you have to believe there’s truly a heaven on earth!! You’ll discover that BRIE has the easy-going appeal that’s thoroughly fascinating…:)

The BRIE MATTSON OFFICIAL SITE lets you in on her acting-related stuff and beyond. Brie is in fact a honey blonde even though she’s predominantly seen on screen or print as a brunette or redhead but she’ll still catch our eyes without fail. In addition to her sensually come-hither glow, she’s more than capable of projecting the poignant moments on film as she aptly did in the Publix Commercial (see above). Guest Spots on “NCIS”, “Eastwick” and “Parenthood” have led to the aforementioned major role on “The Young And The Restless”, a sure sign her star is burning brightly in 2011.

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