Indie Princess: Leigh Hall

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There’s no denying the dedication LEIGH HALL has for comedy hence her appearances in numerous sketches on stage, television and the web that’s richly deserving of recognition. LEIGH and Beth Shea of Hall Of Shea Productions are the geniuses behind a series of amusing shorts and together they’re embarking on their very first full-length feature. If you haven’t seen these two cuties on the hilarious “Love Royale”, I urge you to watch the satirical take on Korean serials(above). Mashing the beloved K-drama with girl-on-girl fisticuffs, LEIGH plays a boyfriend stealer who gets caught in the act by her best friend. The interwoven themes of romance,betrayal and even martial arts are humor-filled, including the English subtitling that’s a sure bet to tickle our funny bones. Resonating remarkably well with viewers, “Love Royale” won an Audience Award at the Faux Film Festival in 2009. LEIGH is now working on a buddy comedy that sees her as a down and out actress who lives out of a car but encounters a stroke of luck that might get her out of her doldrums. If indie comedy is your thing, make sure to contribute as well as spread the news about Leigh’s newest project Edna’s House. Watch the funny teaser for Edna’s House on the site as Leigh and her business partner Beth Shea go about campaigning to get their feature film realized in their endearingly, quirky style.

Are you astounded by how this pair of lovely ladies are producing the goods and wowing us with their creative juices on micro budgets?? Just think what they could do with a bigger injection of funds. We long for funny women who leave a positive impression and besides her divine beauty, LEIGH herself has immense know-how that has seen her being referred to as a quadruple threat. She’s certainly a big reason why my support for the indie starlets of the world will be as undying as those displayed by Harry Potter fans…:)