Sexy Siren: Caity Lotz

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By coincidence or not, it seems like a blonde fest so far this week and I’m continuing in the same vein with CAITY LOTZ who has already left men drooling with her tempting Esquire shoot. Be it the sly nipple exposure or the flash of her pert derrière, CAITY has the assets to sizzle! She’s also starring in the upcoming MTV Series “Death Valley” as Kirsten Landry, an excitable Undead Task Force agent and having watched the trailer, she amazed me right from the start with the astounding spinning kick! Beware Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies as you get schooled by the Princess of Hard Knocks. Check out the video (above) of CAITY teaching us how to defend against them pesky Undead horde. This girl can do some seriously high impact stunts including parkour…huge props to her athleticism and flexibility she’s honed through the years as a dancer. After all, she has toured with mega star Lady Gaga and bust those dance moves on the film “Step Up 3D”. Slated to grace the massive 2011 Edition of Comic Con in San Diego, it’s pretty much guaranteed fans will come in droves to the “Death Valley” panel to cast amorous eyes on this blossoming TV Hottie. Have you seen the pic of CAITY pursing her lips…downright Sultry! To be able to combine intense physicality and appealing sauciness is breathtaking so much so I would love to see her in “Kick Ass 2” be it as a supervillain or an ally of Hit Girl/Kick Ass.

Remember her as Stephanie in “Mad Men”, Anna Draper’s niece who despite her desirable status doesn’t subscribe to the norms of society in the 60s, a time when women were objectified. It’s great to see for once Mr Casanova Jon Hamm unable to get his hands on an enchanting lady. Check out the CAITY LOTZ OFFICIAL SITE for her reel containing snippets of her scenes from “Mad Men” as well as Law and Order:LA. She has the gift for drawing out those subtle yet dramatic moments onscreen. In just a short span of time, CAITY has skyrocketed to be quite the coveted actress and her star will only keep rising!

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