Rising Starlet: Dana DeLorenzo

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To remember singer extraodinaire Amy Winehouse, it is poignantly essential to feature attractive DANA DELORENZO who cites Amy as being a heavy influence on her as an entertainer. DANA is of course the lead vocalist for tribute band HOUSE OF WINEHOUSE who stayed true to the spirit of Amy, the recently deceased artist with the signature beehive do and sultry bluesy vocals. In DANA’s words, Amy enriched her life and those of many others worldwide. By not conforming to the forced machination into a pop idol purported so frequently by the music industry, Amy charted her way to success as a one-of-a-kind performer. She was unique in molding her own image and for all her flaws, I rather remember Amy for indelibly changing the music landscape on her own terms. What DANA and her tribute band are doing is amazing, honoring the life of Amy Winehouse as a stirringly talented musician and DANA can certainly rock it! By the way, DANA is a whiz at Celebrity Impressions delightfully impersonating Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and even the ditzy Kim Kardashian….she had me tickled pink! Don’t miss the Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman caustic war of words skit with Liza Minnelli putting in her hilarious two cents worth in the clip (above). She captured the essence of each one with excellence. HEY! Give this girl her very own comedy sketch show like now!

DANA is also an accomplished stage and indie actress, most recently seen alongside horror icon Robert Englund in “The Mole Man Of Belmont Avenue” which had its share of laughs and scares. Her character Stoner Molly involved being dressed as a creepy clown and looking all psycho! Adept at different incarnations onscreen as well as multiple accents, this beauty with the Italian heritage has played everything from a Latina sidekick to a scandalous stripper. She’s born to perform and while DANA is known for being strikingly remarkable in her posh, often cussing Amy Winehouse impersonation, she stands on her own merit as a dramatic actress.