Quirky Saucy: Tonya Kay

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Call TONYA KAY the dread lock sister who is revolutionizing entertainment and has certainly been triumphant in the cool stakes. Have you seen TONYA shaking and grinding in the skin revealing black thong on the show Live Nude Comedy? Ensure you don’t miss the racy clip (above) and we have to salute that she has one of the most sensual asses in the world! So much so, a Youtuber commented TONYA is an artform in herself and that’s a very much deserved compliment. This actress, dancer and danger artist is a princess of self expression and she proved it in the hit web series “Video Game Reunion“. Bringing back your favorite game heroes from the ’80s, Tonya portrayed the sexually liberated Princess Peach with a nasty sauciness, reinventing the damsel in distress from the Mushroom Kingdom! Banish the innocent Princess Peach of old because here is an authentic, dirty version courtesy of the delicious Miss TONYA KAY who by the way is immensely hot in a bikini as well. When she’s not heating up Summer days, she can be seen dazzling on multiple arenas. In addition to various appearances on music videos, she’s tearing up television with her energetic uniqueness most notably her lively stilt-walking sequence on “Glee”. Don’t forget she was also almost nude on the cover of the soundtrack of the comedy “Get Him To The Geek with Russell Brand….how much more beguiling can this Sexy Vegan get?

If you’ve visited the TONYA KAY OFFICIAL SITE, you’ll find out she’s just getting started. An upcoming gig on “The Muppets Movie” and a role as a snake burlesque dancer in the new NBC show “Friends With Benefits” will no doubt hypnotize viewers even more. She’s fired up our imagination as a chainsaw wielding lesbian, used the whip as an instrument of entertainment and performed dangerous knife-throwing feats on Conan O’ Brien. And just like the object of affection she is in country singer’s Trace Adkins music video “Got My Game On”, TONYA is whipping up quite a frenzy with her distinct allure and high tempo feminine vibrancy.

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