Sexy Siren: Daya Vaidya

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In the coming months, DAYA VAIDYA is going to be unforgettably mesmerizing and while Summer is not yet over, DAYA has me looking forward to Fall. That’s because she’ll entertain us as Queens Homicide detective, Nina Inara in the compellingly brainy “Unforgettable”…aren’t you glad they decided to dump the show’s previous title “The Rememberer” which to me lacked impact! Like what DAYA says in the preview clip (above), audiences will be awed by the new dimension this show will deliver thus differentiating itself from criminal dramas we’ve been used to over the years. Delve into the mind of Carrie Wells (played by newly minted redhead Poppy Montgomery) who has an an incredible gift to remember everything she touches, hears or sees. Together with Poppy, DAYA joins Dylan Walsh of “Nip/Tuck” fame as part of the homicide unit utilizing such a revolutionary approach in solving cases…certainly a step above from CSI. Start envisioning the unpredictability that will unfold when “Unforgettable” gets underway! These are really strong female roles for both Poppy and DAYA and there’s a richness in their characters proving instrumental to the heartbeat of the show. Oh, by the way I just saw on DAYA’s Facebook Page that she’s currently shooting on the “Unforgettable” set (first day) and you can keep up with all the updates at the DAYA VAIDYA OFFICIAL SITE.

On Film/TV, DAYA has regularly shone in demanding roles notably in the indie hit “Blue”, when she played Carmen Vasquez, a tough, drug addicted Puerto Rican from East Harlem. The exotic allure DAYA possesses (she was born in Kathmandu, Nepal) allows her to play a wide range of ethnicity on camera which she commands by being both stunningly gorgeous and delectably cultured. DAYA is positioning herself as an actress to remember and with a huge breakout role in “Unforgettable”, her popularity in the eyes of many is beckoning.

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