Canadian Vixen: Katerina Taxia

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Numerous glowing reviews of her stint on “Fringe” as FBI Agent Dawson and also as Captain Pike in a reenactment from Star Trek by “The Girls on Film” project points to the growing appeal of KATERINA TAXIA. Kudos to KATERINA and fellow actress Ashleigh Harrington for replacing the male testosterone with their much needed female poise as the young James T. Kirk and Pike in their tough tete-a-tete from the 2009 remake of Star Trek (taking over the parts of Chris Pine and Bruce Greenwood). These gender swapping productions are awesome and Trekkies as well as J J Abrams would surely approve! I love that they are calling this Killer Movie Recreations as the women on it have pure talent and we can’t wait for more exciting stuff from “The Girls on Film” project…of course, don’t forget to rope in the vivacious Miss KATERINA TAXIA! She’s a dynamic actress known for her ability to capture the facets of the characters she plays effortlessly. Certainly her role as Cleopatra on Discovery Channel’s “Cleopatra’s Palace and the Real Cleopatra” which brought her worldwide exposure showcased KATERINA’s enigmatic qualities befitting the regal authority of the Queen Of The Nile she played.

Drama is definitely her forte but KATERINA can also provide some of the more light-hearted moments. Watch her reel (above) and make sure to look out for the funny segment “Breastmilk, a Bad Dog Improv” when her character resorts to pumping breast milk into her cooking when her carton runs out…hehe. By the way when KATERINA dons them black glasses in some of the features she’s done, doesn’t this brunette cutie remind you of comedienne Tina Fey. Best of all, KATERINA is fully of friendly charm and being one of her fans, I was super glad we managed to re-connect on FACEBOOK. It’s still amazing to see her every now and again on TV alongside Anna Torv whenever there’s reruns of Fringe right here in Asia. There’s no better time than now to savor this excellent rising starlet from Canada.

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