Rising Starlet: Kristin Sutton

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As I scanned her IMDB Page, it struck me that KRISTIN SUTTON has a starring role opposite one time Sexiest Woman Alive Minka Kelly. Now Minka has always been a favorite of mine since her “Friday Night Lights” days and having two hotties together is most gratifying. I’m talking about the upcoming comedy “Searching For Sonny”, Sonny being “Heroes” Masi Oka who goes missing in this mind-boggling mystery set at a high school reunion. This just in from Miss KRISTIN SUTTON herself; the character Cynthia Schubert whom she essays in “Searching For Sonny” is going to be a bitchy, snobby type…bring on the nastiness, GIRL! She has taken on the prissy persona before in the amusing “Wonderville” Pilot, a sarcasm-filled look into the crazy lives and sometimes disgusting habits of a motley group of theme restaurant employees. If you’re a fan of shows such as “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation”, you’ll appreciate it’s mockumentary humor. Some may also recognize her distinctively high-pitched voice as KRISTIN has done Voice Over work for Cartoon Network’s Power Puff girls, several English-dubbed animes as well Barney and Friends. She somehow reminds me of another Kristin, the consistently amazing Kristin Chenoweth seeing how these two diminutive blondes have that similarly cute fairy voice.

KRISTIN can also be seen in the vampire flick “The Devil’s Gravestone”, enhancing her standing as an actress on the indie scene where she’s already done several features including chase thriller “Junction Texas”. So start finding out more about her at the KRISTIN SUTTON OFFICIAL SITE as her talents also extend to producing and writing. For me it’s all about seeing the potential in an actress and KRISTIN could be the one on to strike a chord with audiences.

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