Quirky Saucy: Sarah Buehler

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YAY! It’s the time of week where I spotlight actresses who have forged an identity that heralds their unique appeal. With her elaborately fierce body tats, piercings and raven eyeliner, it can be deduced that SARAH BUEHLER has a penchant for Goth subculture. Onscreen she takes being fashionably gothic to an engaging level sometimes with hilarious results for instance her appearance on “The Big Bang Theory”. As the gloomy Sarah, her casual reaction to being ignored is amusingly priceless (check out the funny scene above). This was on the back of another solid turn as a Goth Girl Glenda in an episode of “Life” where she delivers some preciously witty lines. In 2011, as a redhead this time around, stars in “Razor” that has a ravenous hyena smelling dinner time when a group of unfortunate souls happened to come its way. Sid Haig does his utmost to creep us out yet again in this horror comedy. She has done her share of slashers with human villains or otherwise; The Psycho Clown Killer Feature “Drive Thru” comes to mind where she shared screen time with a bevy of beauties including a pre-Gossip Girl fame Leighton Meester, Melora Hardin and Rachael Bella.

SARAH’s acting finesse was already evident ever since her debut film “Blue Car” became a Sundance fav. Praised for being part of a top-notch indie cast, she’s grown from strength to strength ever since; Gotta love the carefree yet approachable brashness she effectuates in her roles. On top of being an actress, SARAH is an accomplished photographer shooting everything from concerts, nature, and those Hollywood Headshots that’s become essentially ubiquitous. Have a taste of her portfolio at the SARAH BUEHLER PHOTOGRAPHY SITE and why not drop by the SARAH BUEHLER OFFICIAL SITE as well to watch her reel. Reading all the appreciative comments on the web about SARAH’s unconventional sexiness leads me to the conclusion that we are indeed enjoying the cinematic pleasure she’s whipping up.

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