Sexy Siren: René Ashton

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RENÉ ASHTON is a lady with one of the best smiles in the industry and you’ll probably fall in lust with her when you catch her in “Milf Money” premiering at ITVFest on August 5th 2011. She joins a sensual cast comprising Missi Pyle, Deena Dill as well as foxy sweethearts Dru Mouser and Angela Landis both of whom I now call friends in addition to being their fan. They play single ladies resorting to the world’s oldest profession, i.e. prostitution to get themselves out of the quagmire of hapless circumstance. Haven’t you notice that there’s been a rash of handjob scenes over the past week on TV as well as on the web. On Mary-Louise Parker’s opus “Weeds” just last week, we saw two female masseurs giving hand relief to a duo of guys under their towels in a rather racy scene. On the other hand (no pun intended), as the desperate Meg, her version of a tug job in “Milf Money” involves a more endearing degree of humor (as shown in the trailer above). René is a natural comedienne and has written a not-to-be missed indie comedy that hits the funny mark and already on the radar of various film festivals. She did prove to be the heart of hilarity in “Be My Baby” which also stars perennial cutie Lacey Charbet. As a scorned woman out for revenge on unsuspecting married men, she devises an ingenious con and gets rewarded handsomely for it…that it until she falls in love and things go awry in a hurry!

On the television front, René has regularly appeared in a number of hit shows such as “Big Love”, “Dexter” as well as “Rules Of Engagement” and right up to a recent stint on Season 3 of “Castle”. One can sense how vivacious of a person René is and at the rate she’s going, her bubbly demeanor is bound for constant adoration by the viewing public. Here’s one very attractive talent who has earned the tag of one of entertainment’s likable actress.

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